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How to Get More Done in Less Time

By Barbara Beauregard   |    March 19, 2018   |    11:43 AM

Achieve Maximum Productivity with These Tips

In today’s bustling world, work demands are high and the distractions are never-ending whilst down time may be limited. With so much to do in every single day you need to ensure maximum productivity to keep up with your busy schedule. This means you need to more with less time, here’s how.

Be ultra-organized

You need to organize every part of your life, leave nothing to chance. Firstly, have a schedule that you stick to that tracks all your meetings, appointments, yoga classes and dinners. You can’t just rely on a good memory or someone reminding you to get things done. If things are scheduled into your calendar then it automatically gives you a can-do mindset, it sets time aside for specific tasks and also allows you to see what is mandatory and what is optional so that you can cancel unnecessary appointments giving you more time. Instead of stumbling to recall what you are supposed to be doing next and wasting time, you know where you need to be every single second of the day. That will allow you to get more done with your time. Secondly, being organized allows you to be efficient. For example, keeping to strict organizational routines such as storing papers, documents in the right place, always keeping your keys in the same drawer and other simple organizational habits means you will waste no time looking for what you know you have and you can get more done, rather than chasing after lost items.

Shut everything off

Distraction is your greatest enemy, and unfortunately in today’s world of hi-tech communications and social media there are always distractions. To get more done you need to be able to turn everything and everyone off. If you are trying to complete a work task but keep losing focus due to emails popping up in your inbox, text messages appearing on your phone, Facebook alerts on screen you will not be able to accomplish your work. If you have issues with turning things off, there are apps that you can use to completely block your access to social media sites for a specific amount of time. Freedom is a productivity-boosting program that prevents you from accessing social media, apps and other distractions for however long you choose. You can’t turn it off once you’ve activated it, so it guarantees that you can’t waste time online.  You also don’t want your colleagues to distract you; let them know that you shouldn’t be disturbed for the duration you are working on that essential task. Turning off distractions means you can get more done in less time.

Take breaks

It is easy when shutting everything and everyone off to forget to take breaks, but refueling on food, coffee or tea and taking a brain break is essential to getting more done in less time. People who try to work for long hours without eating, drinking or taking a moment to think often tend to suffer from poor performance and actually get less done with their time. Studies prove that is essential to schedule a break to ensure you have the energy, motivation and brain power to keep going. Make sure to time your break so that you do not get caught up in office gossip, set an alarm on your phone and stick to the time allotted for your pause.

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