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How to Create Compelling Calls to Action on your Blog

By Townes Haas   |    November 21, 2016   |    11:29 AM


There are many different types of and formats for calls to action, each with different goals according to where you’re at in your marketing funnel. Want to create a blog post call to action that converts? Here’s how!

What is a call to action? A call to action is an image or line of text that prompts your audience to take action. Blog posts without a call to action are like a car with only one gear, they work but you're not going to be able to get where you want to go to very fast. It's likely that your small business has spent a lot of time and money researching, writing, editing, formatting, and quality-checking your blog. But all those efforts will go to waste if your small business does not create a compelling call to action. We live today in a world of information-saturation which means that people are easily distracted by the millions of messages on their screens. This is why it is vital you ensure you lure potential clients in with a clear impelling call to action.

Place it center stage

Don't hide them where your audience can't see them. Calls to action are worthless if they are not easy to see. You should situate them so that they are the first thing internet surfers see when they land on your small business's page.

Make it eye-catching

Apart from placing them in the middle of the page, the colour choice of your call to action is vital. You should use bold bright colours to make your call to action stand out. Above all never use colours that are the same or blend easily into your web page's background color, or are simply dreary.

Make it succinct

Nobody is going to pay attention to a call to action that is wordy and long-winded. Your message should be brief, bold and to the point.

Make it fit

Your call to action should make sense given the context of the content and it should clearly communicate the value of your offer within that context.

Make it dominate the page

Never use little fonts or tiny buttons that are easy for the eye to miss. Make your call to actions large and impressive so they stand out from all the other information on the page.

Make it unique

At the very most your small business should only have one to two calls to action on any one page. You can get away with a primary and a secondary call to action but if there are too many they will not stand out.

Make it clearly clickable

Make sure you don't make the design of your small business's call to action look flat. Add button-like features to them by using shadows, hover effects, bevels and 3-D dimensionality.

A/B test your call to action

It’s important to A/B test different call to actions and make sure that what you think works will appeal to your audience.