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How to Create a Company Blog People Will Love

By Garrett Spence   |    February 21, 2017   |    9:51 AM


Blogging is an essential marketing tool for businesses. Here's how to create a blog that stands out and has your audience coming back for more!

In today's world where using the internet has become part of our everyday existence, blogging has never been more important. Especially for small businesses, it is vital marketing tool to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. A company blog epitomizes who you are as a brand and speaks volumes about your knowledge, expertise and outlook. If you create an engaging blog you can increase traffic to your website, boost your small business's reputation and even position your small business as an industry leader. But in a virtual world saturated with information creating a blog that stands out from the crowd is not always easy. This article explores how your small business can build a blog to attract your chosen audience.

Make it user-friendly

When you first create your blog make sure you set it up so that it looks professional, and above all make sure that it is user-friendly. High-quality content is vital but great content will be useless if your blog is not visually appealing and easy to navigate. Use a simple design, preferably with a single sidebar and a relatively larger content area, plus make certain that the main pages such as 'Home', are easily locatable. You should also have useful options, such as a search tool, so that readers can easily look for topics that interest them.

Make it work for you

The whole point of the blog is to attract new business and sustain existing business, so make sure customers are lured towards your small business's offering. There are many ways to do this; for example, you can write posts that directly or indirectly endorse your products and services. You can also position your small business as an expert that can provide guidance, advice or solutions. You can announce new projects or launches. In your articles you should use call to action buttons to turn leads into customers.

Post Regularly

Create a blogging timetable and adhere to it no matter what! This is the most important part of blogging. You must post regularly and ideally on the same date every month. It may take time to build your audience, but it will take even longer if you lose your readers by not updating your site on a habitual basis. To make it easier to post regularly always be open to ideas on relevant, timely topics. Every time you or a member of your small business staff has a brainwave for a post, write it down and add it to a list of potential topics.

SEO optimise

Whether you are planning or writing blog content, you should be thinking about what keywords are important. Every blog post should center around a certain topic that consists of specific keywords. The title should feature these words, so should the content of that post. Additionally, you should make sure you're search engine optimized by submitting your blog’s URL to Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that your blog postings show up when browsers crawl those same keywords. This could lead directly to business for you.