How Small Business Owners Can Find Talented Freelancers and Independent Contractors

How Small Business Owners Can Find Talented Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Hiring Freelancers, Independent Contractors, and Other Contract Workers in Canada

It’s a scenario many small business owners and entrepreneurs are familiar with: As the company grows, more and more people are needed to keep things moving. Some businesses opt to utilize full-time staff, but hiring dedicated employees isn’t in every small business owner’s budget. 

When you can’t (or don’t want to) hire full-time help, freelancers and independent contractors can step in to assist. Outsourcing work in this manner can be incredibly beneficial to employers, because these workers provide affordable and high-quality work within a flexible relationship. The types of tasks that can be accomplished are extensive, and you can find a freelancer to help with virtually any project.

Finding the perfect fit for your company will require some legwork, so use this quick guide to learn how to find talented contract workers who can take your business to the next level.

Is it difficult to hire freelancers and independent contractors in Canada?

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 2 million Canadian workers are self-employed with no paid help as of 2018. This means you have a vast pool of potential candidates inside the country. Expanding your search to the United States and other countries will provide even more options. 

Thanks to the internet, finding these self-employed and contracted workers is easier than ever, too. 

Websites you can use to find contract workers and freelancers

There’s a seemingly endless number of websites you can use to find qualified workers, whether on a per-project basis or a longer-term agreement. Online marketplaces are a great place to start, because you can request bids from contractors, search through freelancer profiles, browse portfolios, see reviews from other employers, and more.

Here are some websites you can use to begin the search:

Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for, especially when hiring contract workers. The person with the lowest price may not be the best candidate, so be sure to assess the individual’s entire profile and portfolio.

What do I need to look for in a contract worker?

Finding the best person for the job can be a daunting undertaking. Use these tips to guide the process:

  • Think about your company’s most pressing needs, plus which tasks and projects can be easily outsourced, and write everything down. These initial thoughts will streamline your search and help you stay focused.
  • Learn more about the going rates for the type of work that needs to be accomplished and determine your budget.
  • Think about the qualities your ideal candidate should possess, both professionally and from a culture perspective.
  • Start with a trial project before hiring a contractor for larger assignments. 
  • Using your list from the first tip, clearly outline the expectations and responsibilities this person will fulfill. 

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