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DIY Website Builders vs Custom Websites - Which is Right for Your Business?

By Garrett Spence   |    November 6, 2017   |    9:18 AM


Website Development - DIY Website Builders vs Custom Websites

There are two main methods to get a website up and running: a DIY website builder tool or a custom website built by a designer or developer. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Website builders are an easy to use, cost effective toolbox for non-web designers to create their own web page. Web building was once only for experts but with today’s website builders anybody can make their own site with a little time and effort. However there are pros and cons to website builders, and there are things that website builders can’t do which web designers can. If you are wondering whether you should use a website builder or hire a web designer to make your website read this article.


It is generally accepted that a website builder is a cheaper option than hiring an individual to make your website for you. Of course there are a wide range of website builders and some are more expensive than others, but on the whole they are more cost effective than hiring a web designer. If cost is a major concern then you will probably want to opt for a website builder.


If you only need a simple website with a few pages and basic formatting then a website builder can offer you everything you need. If you want a site that looks unique, is entirely customisable to your every whim, then you will want to hire a web designer. As much as website builders do to offer many options, they tend to operate according to a one size fits all principle and that entails that designs are inevitably more simplistic and less original. You may not be able to include many videos, RSS feeds or other fancy features. Hiring a web designer will guarantee a novel look and feel as designers have the skills to make your website visually unique. Additionally, there will be no limit on how many videos, files or links you choose to feature. If your website needs to scream originality and sophistication, then hire a web designer.


The problem with hiring a web designer is that you lose control of your website to somebody else. Unless you are familiar with coding, you will be entirely dependent on your web designer for any updates or changes to content, look and feel. This means having to pay them for the most minor changes. You may not want to relinquish control to somebody else, in which case using a website builder may be best for you. Using a website builder means you can log on to your site and add content, make changes and alter anything you want, any time you want.


If safety is key to your website, for example, if you are using it for ecommerce or gathering sensitive information from clients, then it goes without saying that you should hire a web designer who can ensure and monitor the safety of your website. If security is not paramount then a website builder will suffice.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to ensure  your website’s visibility and guarantee high rankings from search engines. Unless you learn how to leverage SEO to make your site easy to find you may not have high online presence if you design it yourself. A professional web designer is skilled in optimising your website to receive great rankings from search engines.