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5 Business Tasks You Should Delegate

By Townes Haas   |    December 21, 2016   |    10:31 AM


Every entrepreneur wants his or her business running in high gear. That said, you can't really streamline your company if you can't streamline your day. 

By delegating key tasks to a third party, you can free up time and focus your attention on building your brand.

What to Offload

It's not always easy for business owners to surrender control. By delegating the following tasks, however, you can optimize productivity and create more downhill momentum for your company.

  1. Social media campaigns: Modern businesses can utilize social media to engage customers and improve brand reputation. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming endeavor for entrepreneurs who need to focus on other key business objectives. By delegating these important but tedious tasks to a trusted assistant, you can use your time on other matters which demand your unique expertise.

  2. Anything out of your wheelhouse: Although they may be experts in their fields, business owners have limitations. Whether it's bookkeeping, search engine optimization, blog writing or legal issues, if the task falls outside your expertise, offload the responsibility to a knowledgeable third party.

  3. Appointment and event scheduling: Business owners can't afford to get bogged down with booking flights, reserving hotel rooms, scheduling and confirming appointments or registering for conferences and seminars. Delegate these essential, but time-consuming tasks to a third party and focus your talents elsewhere.

  4. Research: Is your company working on upcoming newsletters, blog posts, white papers, e-courses or products? Task someone else to track down facts, statistics, studies, quotes and other relevant information. Research takes time, which you could be spending on more important issues.

  5. Personal Tasks: While they have little or nothing to do with work, personal tasks can interfere with company goals. By delegating these disruptive tasks, you can spend more time using your talents to grow your business and streamline its inner-workings.

Delegating to the Right Person

Because it involves surrendering key operational tasks, delegation requires trust. In turn, more and more small business owners are utilizing trained virtual assistants, which provide executive level support. Whatever the task, whatever the timeline, a virtual assistant offers complete support capabilities that are tailored to a company's unique needs.