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4 Toronto Parks That Are Perfect For a Walking Meeting

By Barbara Beauregard   |    March 27, 2019   |    12:32 PM

Take a Break From the Office at the Best Parks in Downtown Toronto

Getting out of the office is one of our favorite hacks for more productive meetings, and going outside is even better. When it comes to meetings, taking a walk in the park is a great way to switch things up and help everyone get into a more creative mindset. Luckily, there’s no shortage of inspiring green space in downtown Toronto.

You’ll be a bit limited in what you can do while hosting a meeting in the park — clearly, there’s nowhere to plug in a laptop. But, if you approach outdoor meetings with the right mindset and prepare accordingly, they can still be highly productive. Set out with a clear agenda and get ready to stop and take notes on a park bench at four of Toronto’s best parks for a walking meeting.

1. Grange Park

This lovely downtown park was completely revitalized in 2017. The carriage path around the park was restored, and there are plenty of shaded benches to enjoy.

If you work from the Intelligent Office (IO) First Canadian Place office, Grange Park is 1.4 kilometers away. The 20 minute walk through downtown Toronto gives you just enough time to prepare and decompress (and maybe grab some lunch along the way).

2. Berczy Park

This compact urban park is even closer to First Canadian Place (a quick 600 meters away, to be exact). It’s also a stone’s throw away from other prime commercial buildings in downtown Toronto, making it a good central meeting spot for colleagues throughout town.

Benches surround a central water fountain, with people milling about. If you want an informal outdoor meeting spot for your next brainstorming session, Berczy could be the perfect choice.  

3. St. James Park

Situated next to the St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto, St. James Park is another option for anyone looking for a central meeting location (it’s less than a 10 minute walk from First Canadian place, for example). Wander the formal gardens with your team, have a chat in the grand gazebo, and enjoy the surprisingly large urban oasis.

4. Harbour Square Park

If being near the water helps you think more clearly, head over to Harbour Square Park. It’s next to the Toronto Ferry Docks, and is a great spot for a picnic lunch on the grass or a stroll along the lakefront. This park is at its liveliest in the summertime, when people and sailboats are out enjoying the warm weather.

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To find a spot for your business to call home, take a look at our map of locations. Don’t worry about choosing just one, though — all IO members have access to every location across Canada and the U.S.