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4 Cyber Security Tools Your Company Needs

By Garrett Spence   |    April 3, 2017   |    11:56 AM


If you are serious about your business then you should take your cyber security very seriously, especially if you run a virtual office, have a website, online accounts or tools.

In fact, nowadays nearly all businesses who have any reliance on web-based structures are at risk of a cyber attack. Although the public typically only hears about cyber attacks against governments or world famous companies, any kind of business, no matter its size or niche, is at risk from cyber criminals and therefore should get strong cyber security. In order to make sure you protect your business, here are some of the best cyber security solutions available on the market.

1. Symantec

Symantec is a household name, well-established and reliable. It is known for delivering high quality solutions. It offers software for all types and sizes of companies, from the virtual office to the small business. Symantec offers inclusive cyber security packages priced fairly and built to cover the needs of all sorts of firms. Symantec's suite includes a firewall, privacy protection, data-loss prevention, antivirus/antispyware, email scanning and filtering to prevent data leaks as well as automated backups and rapid recovery in case of disaster. In addition to this they offer round the clock virtual support.

2. CloudFlare

Most virtual offices need to have cyber security to protect their websites, especially if they are using it to store client information or have sensitive company information on the cloud. The best thing about CloudFlare cybersecurity tools is that they can protect your business's website for free. CloudFlare works almost like a guard dog, it sits in front of your website and attacks any threat to your online site. It blocks any invader and then creates reports which are sent to you, to keep you up to date. CloudFlare also tracks, monitors and evaluates visitors. By looking at IP addresses, browser behaviour as well as other information, it can assess their authenticity. There are many tools you can choose from. You can customize security levels, activate SSL security certificates for data encryption, set up firewalls and more, all for free!

3. Comodo

Comodo offers free, basic, award-winning cyber security, whilst also offering extra features for an affordable fee. This company offers a wide range of solutions which provide antivirus protection, free and paid SSL certificates, free Internet security, as well as mobile cyber security, firewall protection and more. Comodo is known for being the leader in the SSL solutions market.

4. Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine

Cloud computing means that cyber criminals can access your desktop, all your files and other data. Some cyber security solutions are complicated and difficult to navigate. Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine is known for offering a user-friendly, affordable and reliable way to protect your network and your office. They offer sophisticated solutions that combine layers of security protection, such as multifactor authentication, with industry-leading data center protection and firewall protection.