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11 Hacks to Maximize Your Day

By Barbara Beauregard   |    August 15, 2017   |    9:28 AM


Productivity Hacks to Maximize Your Day

In order to maximize your time, minimize your hassle and optimize your productivity there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that every day is a good day! Here’s how.

1. Stick to your Routine

Have a schedule and stick to it daily, this will maximize your time and productivity by ensuring you tackle everything in a timely manner.

2. Exercise in the Morning

Physical activity stimulates the release of hormones, improving your mood. It boosts your energy, fights stress and more. Being active in the morning is vital as exposure to early morning light can help you feel more awake during the day so that you can work better and harder.

3. Organize in the Morning

Have everything organized and ready early in the morning so that you can maximize your time throughout the rest of the day.

4. Always have Wifi

Having access to Wifi everywhere you go means you can maximize your time as you can work wherever you are, whenever you want. Instead of wasting time when waiting for a plane, a doctor’s appointment or for a date to arrive, work instead!

5. Don Headphones

Even if you are not listening to music, just wearing large headphones is enough to ensure people leave you alone, meaning you can work undisturbed and maximize your time!

6. Schedule Time for Important Things

In your routine, block off a couple of hours daily to handle important items. This will guarantee you always have time to spare to deal with whatever matters need to be dealt with urgently.

7. Communicate

Whether it’s sharing a good piece of news or advising your staff of your immediate needs, it’s important to communicate.

8. Implement Office Rituals and Traditions

Your office might have regular lunches or occasional happy hours but taking it to the next level like hiring food trucks for office events or organizing office retreats can completely change the office atmosphere whilst ensuring hard work gets done. When employees are happy they tend to work harder and be more motivated.

9. Make the Most of your Commute

If you have a long ride on public transport to get to and from the office, don’t idle your time away, instead maximize it by doing work, brainstorming business ideas and working on your business plan. Even if you don’t have Wifi or a place to plug in your PC, a good old-fashioned pen and paper can still work wonders.

10. Plan for Short Meetings

Meetings often drag on and waste employees’ time. Scheduling brief meetings forces parties to be brief, communicate effectively and prioritize the issues at hand. This guarantees everyone will maximize their time during the meeting and have plenty of time left-over to handle other important work.

11. Work Out at the Office

Don’t have time to work out at the office, then work out at your desk! A few sets of push-ups between meetings or jumping jacks whilst waiting for an important call will ensure you maximize your office time whilst also keeping fit!

Intelligent Office provides modern business solutions that will help you maximize your productivity. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach a higher level of success.